Revamping Alice Reads Classics

It’s been a while…

A very, long time…

It’s now March 2019 and after reading through my old posts here earlier, I really want to kickstart this blog again. Me being me, I’m very nervous since last year, I struggled to promote this blog due to the content (only reading+posting about classics) and therefore, I lost the passion to continue uploading here.

I really want to return. I have read some classics since I last posted (Moby Dick, A Tale Of Two Cities, Beowulf) and have so many more on my TBR. I’m still avidly collecting the Penguin green crime classics and earlier today, I got an offer accepted for two of them!

I am now twenty years old (nearly twenty-one) and reading/writing more than ever. I still love books and as my main blogging handle displays (aka Married To Books), I think my life love has truly been decided!

Regarding the posts, I hope to upload reviews, hauls, discussion posts. All the old classics, editions purchased etc. That’s if, I can try to take this blog off. I really need your help!

If you know anyone close to you who loves reading classics, loves books, loves reading blogs or someone who ticks all of those boxes, then share this blog link with them. My main aim is to bring the past back to the present, but with a no-nonsense modern approach. I am someone who actively encourages discussion across my Goodreads and my blogs. I love to talk to readers and authors!

Thank you to those who have stuck by this blog, even though it went dead for over a year. My social media accounts are still active with Twitter being MarriedToBooks3 and Instagram being alicetiedthebookishknot.

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend!

Alice x

Owner and creator of Alice Reads Classics

Story Time: Reading Jane Austen’s Emma at Age 5

Welcome to the first of hopefully many story time posts, these posts will reveal my first taste into reading classics and how I discovered them. So for the first ever story time, I will be revealing not my reading claim to fame but something that surprised everyone.

You see, I don’t remember a lot of my younger years. Not a lot of people do. But there is one bookish related memory that sticks out in my mind and that was when my Mum found me reading Emma by Jane Austen in the linen cupboard at the age of just five.

I remember being particularly cold since it was around late autumn time but it was a weekend since both of my parents were at home and I fancied hiding away somewhere small and cosy with my teddies (yes guys, I love collecting teddy bears, cue major cringe) and I had one in the cupboard with me but somehow, little five year old me decided to grab a book.

Growing up in a book loving household, there were literally hundreds of books around (still is) but somehow my little hand grabbed the copy of Emma that my Mum had casually left lying around and off I disappeared.

My eyes lit up at all of the pages, I was used to picture books but had started reading longer fiction at age four and the ‘claim to fame’ telephone directory aged two reading out all of the numbers without hesitation. I still look at the photos from that sometimes, good times.

But after a while, I heard footsteps and suddenly, my Mum opens the linen cupboard door and spots me reading Emma. Of course, she was totally surprised but helped me out of the cupboard to let me know that there was a snack waiting for me downstairs.

I don’t remember anything else from that day but that moment sparked off a love of reading and creating imagery worlds when I started writing my own stories.

Readers, what is your first memory of reading a classic book? It doesn’t have to be a Jane Austen one. Thanks so much for reading, have a great day and see you all soon with a new post!


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