Reaching 100 Subscribers+A Massive Thank You!

Hello everyone!

It’s Alice here from Alice Reads Classics and today, something awesomely exciting crazy (coughs, lost for words) happened. I reached 100 subscribers on this blog! 

Personally, it was something that was holding me back from creating Alice Reads Classics in the first place and that was talking about Classic Books and being worried that it was going to be too old-fashioned or something people didn’t read anymore but I’ve been left feeling pleasantly surprised, if not blown away by the reaction that this blog has received in a short amount of time.

I only created this in July, just after my 19th birthday and with lots of posts in the pipeline and a lot of reading to do (Yay!) the bookish future looks incredibly bright. 🙂

So, a big thank you once again to everyone who has ever stopped by my blog and read my posts or hit the subscribe button, I really appreciate it and I love you all very much. ❤

Please do keep spreading the word about Alice Reads Classics to your family, your friends, your book groups, authors, other bloggers etc. Just imagine how one simple thing can make a huge difference.

Together, let’s keep promoting and discussing Classics, keep everyone informed and interested.

Love Alice,

Creator of Alice Reads Classics.

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