Discussion: Studying English!

Hello all! It’s Alice over at Married To Books and Alice Reads Classics! Today’s post is going to be another discussion one and I really need to finish replying to all of the comments from the last discussion post, whoops XD

The topic for today’s discussion is studying English. I don’t mean simply casually reading a book and say OK I accomplished something, I mean actually getting to know the characters, the surroundings, the plotline etc. Sounds like a boring job right? Well… That’s for you to submit your thoughts!

As someone who was only predicted to get one English GCSE (Language) and ending up with two GCSEs (B in Language, C in Literature), that sparked off a real desire in me. There is a reason why I got those grades, it was due to the fact I had an open mind when reading a poem from an anthology or a chapter from Of Mice and Men.

I’m someone who likes to go into every book with an open mind. And not let constant distracting thoughts get in the way of understanding the story. In a previous post, I discussed how I read and studied classic books and that was a very popular post. 

Here are the things that I will be using to study English again at College:

– Always start reading a poem/chapter/essay with an open mind.

– Take time to understand just exactly what message is being portrayed to the reader.

– Look for a “Stand-Out” sentence and quote that for reference.

– Paint a visual image in my mind of the characters speaking in the text to try and form some connection to them.

– Talk to other students and share thoughts: Honestly, whenever I talk about books and blogging, I don’t shut up! 😛

If you are studying English at school, college, university or teach English, I would love to hear your story about your journey with studying it. Regarding to classics in particular, did you struggle to connect with reading them or were they simply your new favourite thing?

Let’s get chatting!

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Thanks so much for reading, new post soon!


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  1. A brilliant post as always Alice! I’ve shared it with Mr Fieldhouse at St Gregs, as he may be able to use it to motivate some of his less-engaged students. Hope that’s ok with you. xx
    PS Is your boyfriend on WordPress as well as Twitter? I don’t do Twitter and would love to read his posts.


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