The Liebster Award- I Was Nominated!


Hello readers!

Today’s post is going to be slightly un-classics related but I was overjoyed to receive this award nomination: The Liebster Award for bloggers. I would like to thank Bear over at TravelBear92 on Twitter and her blog here: for nominating me. Bear blogs about mental health, travel and self-care! This award is a way of discovering bloggers who have 200 or under subscribers and also as a get to know me more kind of post. For this nomination, I was set a task of answering eleven questions that were posted by Bear in her Liebster Award post so here are my answers to those questions!

What made you start blogging?

I started blogging for three reasons: To improve my written English, find others with similar interests to myself (books, mental health, music) and to keep on track with my writing projects and book challenge goals. I first read an article about blogging back in 2011 aged thirteen but at the time decided that I wanted to wait until I was older before I committed to a blog.

What have you found most helpful since starting your blog?

Hearing feedback from those who visit my blog either through the comments section in a blog post or through other social medias like Twitter and Instagram for example. Having a blog has also enabled me to create business connections with authors, agents and publishers which has opened up a lot of doors for me.

What inspires you everyday?

Waking up each morning and the first thing I see is a pile of books on my bedside table or if I wake up facing the side where my IKEA Billy Bookcases are. It reminds me that I love books and sharing my passions for them with other people.

If you could go back and tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?

I would tell myself not to be afraid of making mistakes on your first attempt at trying something new. Nobody’s perfect and trying desperately to be a perfectionist can hold you back and turn yourself into a person that simply doesn’t represent you for who you are.

What’s your biggest dream and do you think it will ever become reality?

My biggest dream is to get married to a book loving guy who writes stories and is supportive of what I do as a blogger. To be honest, I 100% believe that this won’t happen to me because I’m weird and awkward… 😛

When do you find time to blog & do you struggle?

For me, I find the time in the day or night that I feel most motivated to write and upload a blog post. It’s easier for me to type up a blog post on my mobile phone through the WordPress app than using a computer. Because I’m a mood reader and mood writer, I do struggle to feel the confidence of committing to blogging but I’ve always had self-esteem issues growing up.

How important is mental health to you and what is your experience of it?

I do believe that mental health is extremely important to me, my experiences of it was having my first panic attack at fourteen and being diagnosed with GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) and Depression which I self-manage and not take any meds for. As of right now, I’m slowly trying to write a book about it but right now, I hate my writing XD

Do you like yourself & do you think you have Self Love?

Short answer: No. I find myself to be too awkward and boring. I’ve tried various ways of self-love in the past such as having my make-up done in a department store but ultimately that made me feel worse.

What do you gain from blogging?

Friends, real people from all around the world who come together like one big family and discuss books and writing stories. It feel great to not be lonely when I chat to them on the internet. I also gain interest in books recommended by other bloggers. Might be blaming them once my pocket money runs out due to a ton of book buying…

What is your favourite blog post of yours so far and why?

The one where I talked about my Bookbarn experience from last Saturday (Saturday 22nd July). It was super fun to share a picture of my book haul and hear thoughts on the books I selected from other bloggers who were interested in them too. Since this blog is relatively new, I felt extremely welcome just by being open about the books I selected and why.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Australia! I have met online some really cool bookish friends and recently took part in a Twitter chat with The YA Room Melbourne based in Melbourne, Australia. The time difference of eight hours though was crazy plus it’s summer here and winter there. I fancy a change of pace from England plus to meet people like the author Fleur Ferris and my best bookie Aussie friend Brett and go to Lifeline Book Fest and all the writers festivals. AND HUG A KOALA AND FEED IT! Can’t you tell I’m just a tad bit excited just thinking about it? 😀

OK, that concludes the questions/answers part, now as part of the nomination post, I have to pass on this Liebster award nomination to eleven other bloggers who all have under 200 subscribers. I will be including their names and clickable links to their blogs as well as eleven questions that I will be asking them to answer for their posts! Bloggers, if you are nominated and have already done a Liebster post, then I’m not forcing you to do another one. So, here are the nominations I’m making!

Catherine (

Bethan May (

Brett (

Amy (

Matt (

Squidbee (

Monika (

Bicted (

Ann (

Phantom of Literature (

The Ceaseless Reader Writes (


Here are the set of questions for you!:

1, Who/what inspired you to start blogging?

2, What have you learnt as a blogger?

3, If you ever got the chance to do a sponsored post on your blog, which brand/artist/company would that be with and why?

4, Do you listen to music when you blog and if you do, what do you listen to?

5, In your life so far, what has been your most memorable experience and why?

6, What is your favourite animal?

7, How often do you upload blog posts?

8, Do your close friends and family know you have a blog and if so, are they supportive?

9, On the scale of 1-10 (10 being extremely happy) how are you liking your blogging journey so far?

10, When applying for schools/colleges/universities/jobs, do you mention your blog during the application stage?

11, Which blogger do you look up to the most?


Nominated bloggers, please credit me for nominating you in your blog post should you choose to take part. 🙂

That’s all for this post, thanks so much for reading and have a great day/night wherever you are. ❤







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