A Warm Welcome!

Hello readers! A very warm welcome to my blog Alice Reads Classics! My name is Alice and I am nineteen years old. If you are new to my blogging, here are some quick facts that you need to know:

  • I started blogging in January 2016 under my blog name Married To Books Reviews and Blog. That blog is still active.
  • I have a following on Goodreads, Twitter and Instagram.
  • I blog about books and mental health.

This blog will focus on the Classics so think Charles Dickens, The BrontΓ«s, Jane Austen and so on as well as reviewing Penguin Classics. I do have plans to start reading and collecting the Penguin Green Classics (Crime).

I plan to update this blog between 3-4 times a week depending on the speed of me reading and finishing a book, I will be returning to education in September so days for posting will be confirmed!

I am very excited to start on this new chapter of my blogging and book reviewing journey. I really do hope that you support me through this ❀

I have included whilst designing the blog helpful links for anyone who wishes to subscribe. If you do choose to subscribe, there are two options. One is through a valid WordPress account so if you are a WordPress user and would like to subscribe, tap the WordPress icon. If you are an email subscriber, there is an option to subscribe via a valid email address.

My goal is to make this a safe, warm, welcoming site that discusses books. Any questions/queries, don’t hesitate to contact. For all of my social media links, there is a bar underneath my header where you can click on contacts for ways of following me across all platforms.

Final thing, all the photos I plan to use will be my own unless otherwise stated. This photos are all rights reserved, I will report if I find anyone to be using my photos without permission.

Thanks so much for reading and supporting, have a really good day/night and see you all soon!


Creator/Owner of Alice Reads Classics. 

10 thoughts on “A Warm Welcome!

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  1. I was wondering … when you say classics, in addition to the obvious ones, are you going to include some of my childhood favourites e.g. Little Women (there’s a whole series of them), What Katy Did etc…? It would be good to read someone else’s thoughts on them. I still love them now. x

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  2. Welcome! Very curious which classics you are going to review and what you think of those. Sometimes the opinion of classics seem to be 2 camps: Those who love them, and those who do not see the point of them, but ofcourse it is not that easy to review classics! Good luck πŸ™‚

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